Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

This morning we all got to sleep in as we made our way to the Baths. We all ate oatmeal and prepped for our exciting morning exploring this cool place. There were tons of different paths and rock formations. It was also a lot of fun jumping off Jumping Rock into the beautiful water. After a few hours at the Baths, we went to Spanish Town to grab some lunch and enjoy some shore time. We all sat together and enjoyed some coke, burgers and fries. After that, we hung out at a few stores until it was time to come back to the boat. We then sailed to Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda. Unfortunately, during the sail, Jake’s new hat blew off of his head into the ocean. RIP. Aside from this, we had a nice sail discussing our favorite movies. When we arrived at Mountain Point, we went snorkeling and saw tarpons, puffer fish and a shark! After this, we all started to set up our dive gear to get ready for our FIRST NIGHT DIVE! We are all super ready and excited for this! Overall, this has been an incredible day and we are all having the best time.