Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We started the day with a beautiful sunrise over the cliffs of Cooper Island. We went around the back side of Salt Island to get to the Rhone. On the way, we encountered a pod of bottlenose dolphins that danced and played off the bow of our boat. During our dive on the RMS Rhone, we exited the swim through and ran into a Hawksbill sea turtle that joined us on the swim back to the mooring line. We then moved to the leeward side of Salt Island and got shuttled to the beach. We went on a beautiful hike to the windward side of the island to see an astonishing view of the waves crashing against the cliffs. When we returned back to the boat, we were happily surprised by the delicious smell of freshly prepared grilled cheese. After lunch, we motored to Great Harbor, Peter Island to complete our second search and recovery dive. The Dolphins and Neptunes went snorkeling along the reef to explore their night dive site. Dinner tonight was broccoli cheddar risotto and chicken caesar salad. We watched the sunset together during our daily squeeze. Now we (Rescues) are heading to Pure Joy for a rescue lecture while the Dolphins and Neptunes go on their second night dive.