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Today started off like any other AQ day… The Rescues did our navigation dive and the Dolphins did a research dive while the Neptunes dove the Fearless wreck. After this, we headed to Road Town and the Rescues learned CPR. Today in Road Town there was a parade but most of us did not attend because of the rain. We then set off for Marina Cay. While underway the light rain and small surf slowly got heavier and bigger. While the other shipmates were on the trampoline, they got more and more soaked. Elliot the Go-Beyond instructor told me that we were at the tail end of the storm. Not more than five minutes later, it was blowing 40 knots and the swells were a lot bigger. Cat looked over at me and asked if I was okay driving and I replied with “this is the best day of my life and I can cross this off of my bucket list”. Then we arrived at Marina Cay to settle in for the night and have our Lifeworks forum on each of our boats.