Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

We sailed yesterday night doing watch teams, three hours sleeping and another three hours of watching, looking like zombies trying not to fall asleep, so the morning was confusing for everybody, we ate whatever we found in the boat and had energy again. After finally arriving back in the BVIs, we anchored in Spanish Town and put the dinghy into the water. When we had everything set, we motored to The Baths, that took us a while, we made sandwiches, ate more, and went to the beach. There we divided into groups which went different ways and became monkeys on the rocks. After we set sail for Great Harbor on Peter Island to see the rest of the flotilla/fleet. While trying to untangle the flag we had to do sharp starboard turns, the people on the dock probably thought we were crazy. Once the flag looked ok, we went inside the bay and tried to anchor several times until we got it perfect! The day ended with a shower in the ocean and eating rice with chili or ketchup.