Location: Marina Cay

Today we woke up to the bright blue sky! During breakfast, we found that there was plastic in the water. We soon decided to try and get the object so we got on the dinghy and headed for the object. We seem lost it and then our dinghy engine stopped! So we ended up having to paddle back to the boat with the waterskis that were in the dinghy! It was really funny and a great start to our morning! Once everyone was dressed and sunscreened up we set sail for the day! During our sail, we did a lot of practice and learning! Within the learning, we did man overboard drills with Bob the buoy! And let me tell you Bob was out of control, resulting in around six man overboard drills! While we were doing our sailing practice and tacking a random toy chicken literally fell out of the sky into Mike’s lap! It was hilarious and we ended up naming it Blake. Then we finally arrived to shore at Marina Cay where we got some time on shore and watered the boat! Once Izzy picked us up and we dropped some people off the boat before we went to get food! While at the catamarans another dinghy ended up with a live fish that had jumped into their boat! And right as we were leaving the boat that dinghy threw the live fish into our boat accidentally! It was so crazy and funny! Then we went back to our boat and ate dinner and went to sleep! It was such a fun eventful day!