Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today we woke up with the smell of delicious pancakes, then we added things like Nutella and peanut butter. After that, the staff members in our boat had to leave us alone to go to the staff meeting, which was a lot of fun. When they came back we divided ourselves into two groups, some of us had to go to the clinic, but the other half had a big day. After the clinic group went away, the other guys put on their fins and masks and went scuba diving, then they had some mac & cheese for lunch and went swimming, the water was really clear so they had a lot of fun. On the other hand, the clinic group had a boring day but we’re all really happy because we feel better. When we arrived to land we walked up for a couple of minutes until we arrived to our taxi, the road trip to the clinic was kind of fun because the views were amazing, we also were able to appreciate how much damage the hurricane had done to the town. At lunchtime, we went to a restaurant. When we got back together we had showers, we had chili for dinner, and finally the squeeze. It has been a long but fun day, looking forward to tomorrow!