Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today was a memorable one! We had a change of pace with a lovely, slow, relaxed morning as opposed to our usual fast-paced ones. We had a breakfast of pancakes while our skipper went off to a meeting. By the time Simon was back onboard, we were cleaned up and ready to go! Myself, Divya, Ella, and Hoxie raised the secondary anchor, then Ella and I picked up the primary. We had a quick motor over to a dive site called The Dogs. While underway the DMs got busy setting up the boat for another rotation day. As soon as our mooring line was made, shipmates from San Souci made their way over, and everyone was setting up and hopping in. The DMs went down to a sand patch and did our “reactivate diving” practice, then finished with a fun dive. We surfaced, did rescue review, then Jack and I hopped out to run tanks to Under Pressure. We exchanged the tanks, then came back to a quesadilla lunch with San Souci. After that, we went free diving and saw a shark! After getting out, we gave the boat some TLC and cleaned, then showered. Now we’re on our way to Muskmelon Bay. Some of the DMs are going over to dive side to go on a night dive after dinner!