Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was an interesting day for Rangitoto Too. For starters we had two specialty dives in one day, one wreck and one night. It was also the first day our dive count outnumbered our day count, so now it’s day 9 and we’ve done 10 dives logged. The night dive has yet to take place but the wreck dive took place at the RMS Rhone. Right now the sun is setting and it is really making me understand how lucky I am to be here. The best part of the Rhone was when we saw a spotted eagle ray. It was giant! and graceful as it slowly circled our little pack of divers. Before I came to this camp, I went with my dad to go diving in an aquarium, it just is different, I guess it was the breathtaking-ness of the creature. I also got to take some time to sail the boat today, it was nice because I had not done it in a few days and it was nice. It also gave us the opportunity to talk wit my skipper Matt. We talked about computers for like an hour, it was fun. “Wow” you must be thinking this is long, but don’t worry, it is almost over. The last thing I will discuss is “Brownookies”. They are these heavenly combination of brownies and cookies. Please make them at home. OK then, Bye! Turtle.