Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we woke up to a nice yogurt and bagel breakfast. Following breakfast we went on a long and relaxing sail, most of us slept but other people took charge of the hem (steering wheel of the boat) once we arrived at our dive site for the day, Great Harbor Peter, we put together all of our dive gear. Then we had a scuba lecture about staying safe while deep diving. Then we ate deli sandwiches and got into the water for our first deep dive. Once we reached 70 feet, we found out some really cool things, First of all we brought down a slate with a bunch of colors on it, and we saw that red, pink, and orange drastically changed. After that we did a number game to show how thinking slows down. Finally, our instructor cracked a bunch of eggs and we found that they stick together. The yolk does not spread. That was definitely the coolest part of the dive. Once we came up from our dive we got our first opportunity to wakeboard. Some of us went with Matt and some of us learned how to drive a dinghy. It was all so fun! Finally we got together for everyone’s favorite meal, Mexican night! After dinner, we witnessed an amazing sunset. It was a great day and I am so excited for tomorrow!