Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

The days aboard Luna Kahuna are going by so fast. Today we started with many bowls of oatmeal. After full stomachs, we headed over to an adventure-filled dive called the Rhone. During the dive, we saw squirrelfish and even a small turtle. Later in the day, we split up into our different groups for the day. I went on a skill-testing dive where we practiced three skills. We came up to the boat, and we had a surprise project where we had to find a scuba tank and a weight belt. When the fun was all done for the day, all of the Rescue divers took a quick nap after swimming. After all of the chit-chatting, making dinner and drawing on one another. We still haven’t finished the day yet. Dolphins and Neptune’s are going on a night dive, and rescuers are going to a lecture. Well, bye then!