Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a day worth remembering. Rescue got to practice saving lives by learning the importance of proper rescue breathing. Neptunes dove the wreck, The Fearless, and dolphins learned how to tag turtles.

We all woke up peacefully to the best jams, had a delightful breakfast and mare our way to our separate programs, even though we were all away from home (Luna Kahuna) we all had great and amazing times becoming more accomplished divers. Spindrift II unofficially adopted both rescues from our boat Luna, claiming us to be “the orphans of the sea.” Meaning we spent so much time on their boat we just kinda merged with their crew. Which is totally okay. I love them, but still, I’m positive we all missed our boat and our shipmates.
After all of the activities, the crew came back to the lovely lady Luna, and came together and helped to make Summertime Thanksgiving (thank you, Alex and Taylor)! During our heavy squeeze, thankfully, no cups tumbled overboard, and we finished with a happy, caring, cinnamon roll hug. Completing the night with full stomachs, a movie, and a deeper understanding of each other.