Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

At 8:00 am, Jess and Fritz guided us on how to tack and jibe with the jib all by ourselves! Although we were an hour late for practicing this because of breakfast, we still had a lot of fun. After that, Jess taught us types if ships, formations of lights and what different types of buoys mean. Once we were done with that, we had Tuscan White bean soup for lunch. After lunch we went to go practice scuba diving, it was very fun. We learned many ways to assist divers when they’re distressed, how to help yourself when you’re in distress and how to put back on your gear if it falls off underwater. Once we were done with diving we came back to the boat to find out that we didn’t have to do any more sail chat! Instead of class we all got to sit out and go swimming and review knots that we have been learning for the past couple of days. After hanging out for two hours, we had chicken Caesar salad and rice for dinner. Wondy and Fritz made most of the dinner and it was delicious! After dinner we had the squeeze, which is an activity we do after dinner. The question I asked was ‘If you only had day to live, what would you do?’ In the squeeze, everyone holds hands and answers the questions. Overall was an extremely fun day, scuba diving was my favorite!