Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning we awoke to the beautiful sound of our staff members yelling “Lasagna”. After groggily walking into the galley, there was a table full of oatmeal to greet us. We ate and cleaned breakfast quickly so that we could begin our sail to the RMS Rhone. Eagerly, after arriving we began to set up our dive gear on the choppy sea. Our dive was full of beautiful aquatic life. Isa counted 53 squirrelfish, Stefan saw a turtle, Robbie saw a lobster and we all got to experience a spectacular swim through. To continue the wonderful day we next motored over to Salt Island for a short hike and history lesson about this island. We returned to our boat, Catalinaville, for some Tuscan white bean soup, which enjoyed while taking a long sail over to GHP. Most of us enjoyed a long nap on our way over but we awoke to the news of our first scenario. It was our job to search and rescue a missing diver (aka a kettle bell named thirty) We began by creating a great plan to have three dive and snorkel teams swim our and make u-shaped patterns over a 300ft area. Despite having a great plan, the execution was not flawless, but it’s okay. You win some, and you lose some. Net time will go better. We recovered from the rough scenario by having a solid jam session and a dinner with Sam. Now we’re starting our final rescue knowledge review!