Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was a long and action-packed day in the BVI. We woke up bright and early with a music singalong and then sat down to a delicious breakfast. After that, we quickly got the boat tidied, then headed off to wakeboard and kneeboard. The water was extremely choppy, but everyone still had a good time. Next, we headed off to sail Picos. The majority of the boat was much more successful the second time around, and only a few boats capsized. By this time, everyone was starving, and we headed back home to eat grilled cheese. Everyone loved all of the meat and cheese combinations the chefs created. After lunch, everyone headed to our second confined water dive. This dive was much more enjoyable and exciting than the first dive because we were able to get much deeper and explore a bit more. After a long four-hour dive session, everyone was happy to head back to Rossi for some much-needed dinner. The chicken Caesar salad and risotto were a hit with everyone. We ended the night with a Lifeworks Forum, card games, and a music singalong. Everyone headed to bed early, eagerly anticipating our first open water dive in the morning.