Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

All rescue operations are reactionary. Obviously, there are steps that a rescue diver can enact to be proactive in making a dive safer. However, the truth of the matter is when there is a diver in the water, and that diver needs assistance, rescue operations are reactionary. It’s the inherent truth, one we wish wasn’t. Today, that unfortunate truth was presented to the crew of the Luna Kahuna with a rescue scenario involving a missing diver (Frank the Tank). As rescue operations are reactionary, as time passes, stress builds, which leads to fogged judgments and ultimately poor decisions. As this was a scenario that did not necessarily happen, however, the planning, collaboration, excursion, and recovery of Frank the Tank was good enough so that even if stress an influential factor, in the scenario, this instance, it would not have affected the crew. What I am attempting to elaborate on and doing poorly in so is that the crew of the Luna Kahuna did a phenomenal job with their first rescue scenario. I look forward to the upcoming scenarios, as I know, we will build team cohesion and understanding of how everyone operates in a stressful situation.

Respectfully, James P. Rathborne