Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Last night after an amazing Mexican night dinner and a fun salt water shower, we all got into a dinghy and went over to the dive boat to go night diving. We all put our gear on and jumped into the dark water with only glow sticks and dive lights to see with. We descended into the dark water and into a completely new dive experience. We saw a lot of new animals, some old ones that were sleeping and a lot of sea urchins. One of the coolest parts of the dive was when we all turned our lights off and swung our hand in front of our face you would see a lot of bioluminescent dynoflagulate (Dyno-flag-u-late) in front of you. If you did it long enough and looked around it would be like and under water light show. After emerging from the bottom and breaking apart our gear, we got back into the dinghy and made it back to our boat to be greeted with warm fresh hot chocolate and cake that Anna. Then we went to bed looking forward to the next day. When we woke up, we had a big egg and muffin breakfast, and then we went to our first rotation where we watched a movie about sea turtles. After that, it was off to go Pico sailing where we did some racing and a lot of capsizing. Then we came back and had a really good lunch. After getting some food in us we went to go practice pulling up to a mooring ball, after we all did that we went to a dive boat to do our fish ID dive where we went down with slates and tried to identify as many fish as we could, we all saw a lot of cool fish, and it was a really fun dive. Then we came back to the boat, took a shower, and then had a really good dinner before staying on our boat to have a self-run Lifeworks Forum.