Location: Marina Cay

Today was wild! We woke up today at Mountain Point. The girls woke up early so they decided to wake the guys up. It was a pleasant wakeup but none of the guys wanted to wake up. After we all got up we were waiting for breakfast. The smell of blueberry muffins came our way and we knew breakfast was ready. After we finished breakfast and the cleanup we all got ready to go on our 3rd dive at a group of islands called The Dogs. We were doing an engine check and found out the engine was broken. We had to sail off of the anchor which was difficult but it went well. Once we got there we had to connect to a mooring ball. They couldn’t fix the engine so we just went to the dive site. After the dive, we got on the boat and it started raining. We got back to our boat and started sailing to Marina Cay. When we started it started to storm. Shona, Mike, and Hannah started sailing by themselves during the storm and sent us down below. We started playing music and hanging out. Once we fooled around and danced before we knew it we were here at Marina Cay. Mike the director came to our boat and fixed the engine. We went to port and stayed at the Pusser’s store. We came back and it started storming again. We came back to the boat and started playing cards and had dinner. After dinner, we had the best singalong with some old songs. date: Aug 7, 2017