Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

It’s 6:25pm and I’m sitting on the bow just after finishing “Thanksgiving dinner with my crew. We have grown to be like 10 times much more than just a crew though, more like a family. We’ve supported each other through so many firsts; first breaths underwater, first time raising the sail, and even first time standing upon a wakeboard. Today we all achieved something great- we finished our last academic class of open water dive training. Over breakfast, we were all nervous about our last practice run, but we helped each other through the nerves! I don’t think I would have gotten through the day without these people I can call some of my closest friends. Along with diving, we also accomplished something else. We all raced Pico boats without capsizing, which felt amazing! Tonight is our last scuba chat before our first open water dive tomorrow, and I can’t wait to do it with these amazing people! Our rotation day today helped us learn so much about sailing and navigation, making us feel much more confident about our skills. As my crew is doing dishes on the stern, I can hear them singing Adele, a common occurrence that just makes perfect days like this even better.