Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We were woken up once again by the morning CD. We rose from the dead to quickly do a cleanup of the boat and set off for Leverick Bay. As skipper, I went through the checklist to make sure the boat was ready to leave. We circled the mooring field four times before we were able to dock. We managed to dock finally and went on shore. We immediately made our way towards the small grocery store at the top of the town where we all spent a significant amount of money on crisps and sweets. We sat down outside the spa for a while with Danielle the photographer before we went back to the boat for another clean before we set off for the flat island of Anegada. We drove away from the dock and put the sails up on the rough waters. As we left the channel, we were surprised as we broke into song, and the appearance of an aux cord happened for the first time. Our faces lit up and we started to sing even harder, which brought our spirits up. After a couple of hours, we finally spotted Anegada and drove up to it through the ridiculously blue waters before we dropped anchor. We put on heaps of sun cream and got into the dinghy to crash through the waves to the beautiful beach. We got to the beach and set off for the furthest part of the beach we could reach. We were surprised by hundreds of small fish which jumped out at us in the shallows and we also explored the reef a bit. The day was short and we headed back to the boat where we set off again to Mountain Point. The sail was long and windy but we sunbathed a bit and snacked as we were splashed by the ocean. We finally made it to Mountain Point and anchored. We showered quickly and made dinner for Mexican night. Will from the media team dropped by for dinner, which made it funnier to go along with the delicious burritos. We cleaned up the huge mess we made and got the boat ready for a more relaxed version of the scuba chat.