Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Everyone woke up today extremely tired after a fun night out. We had the BBQ the night before- dancing, eating and meeting new people. With a bit of a late start to the day we eventually cleaned up and got ready for the day. We sailed from Vixen Point to Leverick Bay and made a 20-minute Wi-Fi stop and snack pickup. We all came back to the dinghy, then to Squeakybrat, to make our voyage to Anegada. I sailed for a while and everyone helped out around the boat. After we got going, Pablo played his jams. Nina, Quincy, Marion, Maddie and I went to the very front of the boat and relaxed for a very long time. When we arrived in Anegada we all took a dinghy in two groups to the beach, where we met up with our good friends from Lady Aubrey and the other boats as well. We set up a picnic and waited for a light rain to pass while enjoying sandwiches. After a fun time at the flat island we all came back to the boat, laughing all the way back. We never stop laughing when we are together. Everyone helped get ready for our sail back to Mountain Point, where we anchored. Instead of just the girls, this time almost everyone fell asleep across the bow of the boat while a few hung out. One of my favorite parts of the day was waking up to Jamie, Hannah, and David at the stern dancing all out to Pablo’s music, each laughing so hard only making us laugh harder. They are almost always so happy which is a cool thing to see because we all rely off of each other for a good time instead of our phones. We got to Mountain Point with the rest of sail side A. We all got ready to settle down for the day and got dinner ready. We showered and ate Mexican for dinner with our friend Sam and did the squeeze and now it’s time for a scuba chat. After hanging out with each other and talking it will be time for a well-deserved rest. Can’t wait for tomorrow!