Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

After an amazing night at the BBQ, the crew headed back to the boat. In the morning, we had a rude awakening; someone had stolen all of our silverware. Therefore, we had no spoons for oatmeal! Luckily, Taylor came up with a great solution; we used serving spoons, Brian tried to use a knife. After that, we piled on our dinghy, Workboat, to go to perfect our sailing techniques on the Rhodes. The crew split between two, some saw turtles (our crush count is now 16). When the rotation ended, we ate deli sandwiches and PB&Js. While we were getting ready for lunch, Alex realized that someone took two water jugs!! The rest of the day was filled with knot tying and Pico sailing. We wrapped up the day with Mexican food made by Brian and Taylor. Sincerely, Clark.