Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

We have reached the one-week mark! Although the day did not start of too well, since a downpour woke me up this morning, we had a great day. We had some cereal for breakfast and started our day with some watersports. Most of the girls do waterskiing, while the guys do knee boarding. The best knee boarder right now is probably Nathaniel, since he has his 360 down, but Clark is also up there. After that, we went to snorkel in the mangroves. We saw a couple of barracuda and some other cool fish. Max then drove the dinghy back to the boat so we could break for some mac n cheese. Thank goodness, I wasn’t a dishwasher today! We then went to Midnatt Solen III for a coral conservation chat. Once that was done, some of Caribbean Soul came to our boat to hang out with us, Only thing left to do for the day was showering, we will then go to the beach BBQ. It’ll be really fun to see everyone that we have become friends with from other boats. So, this is the first male skipper of Calypso, signing off!