Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

This morning everyone woke up very tired because we had a really fun time at the dance last night. When we finally woke up this morning, we went to our first rotation, which was Rhodes. Rhodes is a lot like our big boats, except that they are much smaller. Learning how to sail the Rhodes was a great experience, especially because it made me understand more about the big boats. After doing all of the jobs on the Rhodes, we moved on to the next rotation, which was a talk on coral reefs. Although the conservation talk was kind of long, it was a good opportunity to become aware of the coral reefs and how we can save them. We had a delicious lunch consisting of deli sandwiches and PB+J. During lunch, something awesome happened. A really cool fish came and was swimming around our boat, but we didn’t know what species. We immediately got out our cameras and Quin’s fish ID book to discover it was a very big ramora. Next, we moved on to the Picos. These were small two-person sailboats that we got to run all by ourselves! We had a blast hanging out on the beach and riding in the Picos. Once we finished all of the rotations, we stopped by port and sailed to our new location for the night. Now we are prepping for a great dinner, and I can’t wait for another fun day tomorrow!