Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Another early start this morning! The staff today made sure we were all up by 6:30 and picking up the anchor by 7:00. We ate breakfast on the way to Road Town, so there was no time wasted. In Road Town, we all ate non-boat food from a delicious resort restaurant in town! Full and satisfied, we set off for Great Harbor Peter Island, where we anchored and set up our gear for a rescue search dive. We got in the water and set off on a high stakes search using the expanding square to find a “lost” weight belt. Along with the weight belt, we found tons of trash at the bottom, which Alisa was quick to collect and bring to the surface. The next couple of hours were nice because we got to just chill on the boat. We participated in a healthy combination of swimming, suntanning, and jamming to good music before showers, dinner, and the squeeze. In the words of Emily Moore, ” Day 8 was Fergalicious-Definicious”!