Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

After a beautiful sunset and tons of dancing at the BBQ last night, the crew woke up exhausted from the day before. Once we had topped off on fuel and water at Leverick Bay, we headed to Vixen Point for the rotations of the day. First, everyone got a chance to try the new small sailboats called Zests. I am not proud to say that I was one of the first to capsize my boat, but nonetheless, I prevailed to get second in the small sail race right behind Alexander and David’s boat, so it was quite an accomplishment. We then got to gear up to go on our fourth dive o the trip where we knocked out some of our navigation and fish identification skills while it rained overhead. By the time we got back to Wind Shadow, Shona, Claire, and Ethan had already prepared lunch, and it was a feast of leftovers. Ethan and Claire then taught us some of the knots we would need to know for the IYT certification while we headed to Mountain Point. Upon arrival at Mountain Point, we all got to shower. Now we are all sitting in the salon waiting for dinner to be ready. As always we’re sending our love back home and having a great time in the beautiful BVI!