Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was another amazing day! We were able to sleep in, which everyone enjoyed. At breakfast, Shona and Claire said we had “boat things” to do for our first rotation. Everyone was expecting to clean, but we were all ecstatic when we were going to do boom swings. Several people attempted and landed a backflip off of the boom swing. We then went skiing and Zest. For lunch, we had some delicious grilled cheese. For our final rotation of the day, we were on a fish ID dive at Mountain Point. It was an amazing dive filled with exciting things led by the divemasters in training. Some groups saw a school of 11 massive tarpons. We then went on to our next dive in hopes to see one of the surviving ships from Pearl Harbor. Some of the groups were able to find the ship, while others were not. Everyone was still satisfied even without seeing the wreck. Being 60 feet below the surface is always a neat experience. Everyone on the boat has grown close together and is truly a second family. Tonight we have our AQ Thanksgiving dinner.

We are looking forward to tomorrow’s adventures and we are loving every minute in paradise.