Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today started off pretty slow for skippa’ Shane. The crew was unusually slow waking up, but when they did we had a good breakfast. We had oatmeal and things turned crazy when it started raining later. (Editor’s note: in between breakfast and the rain the crew went to shore on Virgin Gorda and then sailed to the island of Anegada). Soon into the first drops it was literally pouring rain. The sky wasn’t even visible. By the time it started pouring we had already finished lunch and needed to hop into Rescue to go to the beach. The ride over to the beach was intense because of the waves and showering rain. We couldn’t turn back, but at the beach we had a fun time playing with the Woboba ball against Squeakybrat. Alejandro, Maxim and I also played Frisbee. The rest of the day we sailed back to Mountain Point. We rested and listened to tunes the whole way. Once we arrived we finished the day off with Mexican night and a good squeeze/quote.