Location: Anegada

This blog starts before the day does! So after the beach BBQ, we tiredly slothed off the dinghy into Laurasia. Brock was first, and all of a sudden blurts “umm, something is moving in the cockpit!” To sum it all up, one of the dive side staff had tied up a goat to our boat! After the excitement, we went to bed after a long night. Rise and shine was later as we finally got to sleep in til 8 am! We ate some oatmeal first and then motored over to Leverick Bay to go ashore, grab snacks, and try to call home. After spending time on the land, we set sail for Anegada. I took the helm and drove us to the destination! The wind was blowing hard, and I got us going to 9.3 knots, just short of Liam’s record of 9.4 knots! We arrived at Anegada and after a quick lunch, hit the beach for a walk and swim. Then the most exciting part, Mexican night! Oh and for all the parents, go check out www.yachtshotsbvi.com to see photos from today!