Location: Great Dog

Today we woke up bright and early to start the day with an enormous breakfast consisting of yummy french toast and lemonade. Our boat devours the lemonade! The reason being for such a great breakfast was because today was Kiera’s birthday! She woke up to many “happy birthdays” and had a smile on her face the whole day. At around 9 am the Vegas and Barracudas went snorkeling in Anegada and saw lionfish, turtles, and a barracuda! Quest went turtle tagging with Lifeworks. They were able to catch the turtles “rodeo style.” That is when you jump hands first out of a little boat to catch the turtles. We found 10+, and the largest weighed about 45 pounds! Later in the afternoon, we sailed from Anegada to the Dogs, where we currently are now. It was a 2 1/2 hour sail. After dinner, while Kiera was at the Prosecutor with her sister, we baked her a blue cake and threw her a surprise party! It was a night she’ll remember forever. Anyway, now all of us are playing cards!