Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was an interesting day. We woke up at the usual time (before 7) and ate a quick breakfast that consisted of French toast and apples. Then we all began preparing to sail, all the way to Anagada. We actually made it an unofficial race on the way there. After the two-hour trip, we came in second; so, it could have ended up worse. Once we anchored, we went on an extremely wet dinghy ride over to the beach. Some activities that we did on the beach include, swimming, chicken fighting, making sand castles and really having fun in general. As for lunch, we had chicken sandwiches, with the option of lettuce, tomato and cheese. I was actually surprised because it turned out to be really tasty. Unfortunately, we had to leave that beautiful island and headed over to Mountain Point. While we were sailing back, the wind was so strong that we had to reef the main sail (lower it to a certain point); we even had to reef the jib. For dinner, garden burgers (veggie burgers) were on the menu, with a small side of pasta/mashed potatoes, we could also put lettuce/tomato on our burgers. After this amazing day, we went to sleep as usual if there is a usual for living on a sailboat in the BVIs. This is where I leave the readers; however, I will forebode an event coming up soon, so stay tuned to this blog to find out what fun we will have.