Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Hello, I’m Alex and I’m the skipper of the day. First, we woke up and had some bagels and yogurt. After that, we went wakeboarding (I fell on my face a lot) and most people did very well. Next, we went windsurfing and swam in the ocean and sang ocean songs. Then we came back to Sambamba, ate tuna salad and peanut butter and jellies and got ready for scuba diving. We had to first get all of our stuff ready on shore and load it on to the dinghy. When we finally got to the site, (called the Sand Circles) we got to brush up on our diving skills. I saw a ton of fish and I got to see a Feather Duster Worm. After we surfaced and got back to the beach, we put our diving equipment away and got back to our boat. Ruth taught us about knots and how to tie them, and then we got to drive a dinghy (the kids/students). Then, we ate dinner and went to bed.