Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

I was jolted awake at 11pm and opened the hatch and stuck my head out. Everybody was running around, frantically taking clothes off the lines and attempting to prepare the boat for the incoming squall. The staff directed us down stairs, taking us out of the rain and wind above. All oblivious to what is happening on the outside. All we know is that there is a huge storm with lots of lightning. It’s about midnight and at this point we are all nervous but we broke the tension with small talk and jokes. Finally we get out of the storm and got to go to bed. Today was a rotation day. We started with waterskiing/wake boarding. Our next station was tying knots. We then went to windsurfing where I found a conch shell the size of my head, containing an equally large (and freaky) hermit crab. The last station of the day was scuba diving. While diving we saw starfish, string rays, fish, and other sea creatures. It was an eventful day, but the previous night will be remembered for much longer (along with our 10 new inside jokes.) Every day is its own new adventure, and I cant wait to see what the next 14 days will hold.