Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was a day where we had to go sailing early to get to our destination, the Baths. We had to eat breakfast, which consisted of yogurt and bagels, on the go so we could arrive at the Baths early. But our cream cheese had gone bad and we had to get some new cream cheese from another boat as we were moving. We also had a water bottle that belonged to a person on the other ship and in the process the bottle was thrown overboard. We had to turn our boat around to get the water bottle. After a couple of tried we successfully got the water bottle and gave it back to its original owner. We then arrived at the Baths. The Baths is a rock formation that was used to wash the slaves that were passing through the BVI. There was a large rock that people could jump off and dive into the water, but we had to climb to get there. When we left I was responsible for steering the boat. The instructors also though this would be a perfect time to start tacking. While we were tacking David lost his hat. We turned the recovery of the had into a man overboard scenario. We were able to locate the hat and pick it up. We ended the day with our arrival at Vixen Point and for the very first time we put our anchor on the beach.