Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

After a surprisingly sleep filled night out in the cockpit, the Boaties greeted day 6 with open arms. Beginning with a humble cereal and chopped banana breakfast, the eight Vega shipmates began rotations and our four soon to be divemasters learned how to teach first time scuba diving. I didn’t partake in the diving, but definitely enjoyed hearing stories of “first time diver” Simon. The Vega shipmates started the day with small boat sailing, which was a total blast. Zipping around in the small, fast responding boats for a few hours was a refreshing change from our 54 footer. Next, us Vegas took our second stab at windsurfing. Everyone showed much improvement, although dinghy rescue trips were trending after the wind had scattered each windsurfer around the bay. Followed by another session of waterskiing/wakeboarding, we all rendezvoused at our boat for a veggie burger dinner graced by AQ director Mike and air compressor operator Austin. The feast was followed by a squeeze led by yours truly and the card game. This very introspective game involving various black and white photos prompted us to share deeper parts of ourselves, the good and the bad. Now at the end of another crazy, adventurous day, I sit in the galley desperately scribbling to finish this blog entry before our scuba chat. High morale, good mood, no signs of stopping, lee ho!