Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

You could say our day started very early, at a little before midnight a giant storm hit and caused us all to go below deck. Fortunately, for us, nothing/no one on our boat was harmed. We all went back to sleep and woke up at 6:45 sharp once again. It was our second rotation day, which led to a very busy, and event filled day. After a filling meal of cereal, we been with wind surfing. The wind was strong, but we all thoroughly enjoyed our last windsurfing day. We then were whisked off to our second scuba adventure, where we went to a depth of 15 feet. We had a nice lunch of mac n cheese (amazingly made by Anna!) before we continued our busy day, we got to stay at the lovely Lady A for a nice chat about preserving the coral reefs. Our final activity of the day was a combination of knot tying and water sports, such as, wakeboarding and knee boarding. One of the members of our crew managed to do a 180 on his first try. The night ended calmly with a scuba chat after dinner. It was an action packed, non-stop day, but it was a blast.