Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was definitely an amazing day. The morning started off with a yummy breakfast that included yogurt, bagels, fruit, water and lemonade. As soon as we finished eating, we began our voyage to the Baths. I learned that the Baths was once a place where slaves were bathed a long time ago. This area was beautiful because of the different colors of coral, the crystal clear water and the large historic rocks piled on top of each other. After our memorable experience at the Baths, Lady Aubrey and the crew quickly motored to Spanish town. We not only docked perfectly, but scored on a delicious lunch at the Bath and Turtle in Spanish town as well. We all got to walk around and look at the exciting different stores too. After we cast our dock lines and set sail for Vixen Point on Prickly Pear. The day ended with a great dish of stroganoff and many fun memories to share from today’s experience.