Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

I woke up today and I was one of the first people up. I headed upstairs and just sat on the bow, admiring the beautiful ocean. I sat there for three minutes and thought about how lucky I am to be here. After this, I headed back down below. Everyone had woken up and we all headed to the cockpit and ate yogurt, fruit and cereal. Then we put the anchor up and started motoring to Anegada. After we got the main sail up, I helmed us towards the place with the pink sand. Zack helmed us the rest of the way. When we got there, we swam, threw sand and had chicken fights. Evan, Daniel, August, Deven and Oliver helmed us back to Vixen Point afterwards. When we got there, we took showers and ate dinner. We did a squeeze, which is when the skipper of the day asks a question and the rest of the group answers. Mine was Why did you become a scuba diver?. My response was, “All my family dives”, and they all encouraged me to try. Moriah asked who our role model is and I replied with “My dad and my Aunt Elizabeth”. We then headed down below so that I could write about this amazing day that I just had today. I am so thankful for my eight new brothers and 3 sisters.