Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was a day of firsts for many. An amazing day started up with a breakfast of cereal and yogurt. As soon as we were done with the dishes, we were off! Windsurfing was the first activity. After many attempts, everybody finally got it. Once we were up, there could be compared to how amazing it was! After our windsurfing we finally got to go scuba diving. All geared up, we took our first breaths underwater. It was the beginning of our underwater adventure. With another great lunch, we also established a new club. This new club is called The Struggle Bus. It contains our shipmates who struggled during our rotation activities but still kept a smile on the face. These struggles went from being geared up to dive, dropping food all over the floor, and trying to get up on the windsurf/wakeboard. Our afternoon was jam packed but relaxed. We learned 4 new knots and how to use a dinghy. We can call our first rotation day a success! And don’t forget, the number one rule of sail, is to look cool while you sail. We all have that rule down!