Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Our time at ActionQuest appears to only be getting better as new days arise. We spent our morning exploring and enjoying the Baths. Many of us also enjoyed flipping and jumping off of the jumping rock. After this beautiful treat, we went back to the boat and got ready for Spanish town. This step was our first time being on land in two full days. We had a delicious lunch at Bath and Turtle. We also had to call our parents and spill about all of our adventures so far. After enjoying two full hours at Spanish town, we departed back to Calypso. On the water, we practiced tacking, jibbing and reefing. I personally took position on the helm. I love the feeling if the wind in my sail and having control over the boat. Soon after that, preparation for dinner started and we had delicious chili and rice. Tonight we will have our first sailing chat. Overall day four was filled with thrilling sights and once in a lifetime experiences.