Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we started things simple. Really early in the morning we started going to the Baths. We had breakfast while going to it. It was simple but good. We had some mango/strawberry yogurt and bagels with PB. After getting food we changed and started to prepare for the Baths. After we got to the Baths we went with the dinghies to a spot and then jumped and saw to where the Baths were. We can all say we enjoyed the jumps and adventure we had. We went to the boat and some of us got the chance to shower. When most of us got ready we motored to a town called Spanishtown. We were able use our phones and do a bit of shopping. We also ate at a good restaurant where most of us ordered hamburgers. We got excited for exchanging our phone information. We had to run to the boat because we were just too excited for using our phones. The last sail of the day was very fun. We were all having fun hearing music and making jokes to each other. We all started to get ready because we reached our final destination, Gorda Sound. We helped to raft our boat to the other towboats, so we are currently between to other boats right next to the beach. For dinner we will have beef stroganoff. We are so close for the first BBQ!