Location: Savannah Bay to Saba

This morning we woke up to a great breakfast of cereal made by Jonah and Adriana. After breakfast, Anna gave our first sail chat about night sailing. We all had the chance to go water skiing and wakeboarding it was somewhat successful. We then got ready to sail to Spanish Town on Virgin Gorda. At Spanish Town, we got three hours of shore time to eat lunch and do some shopping, even though most of the shopping consisted of snack shopping. After shore time, we got back to the boat and headed off on our longest passage, which was 16 hours. We set sail and off we went. When it got dark, we set up night watch teams and took turns sleeping and watching. My favorite part of the day was definitely being able to see all of the different constellations during night sailing, but falling asleep was a close second. For real, though, sleep was AMAZING!!!!