Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

We woke up this morning in Savannah Bay surrounded by most of the AQ fleet. After a scrambled egg breakfast, we were studying our books to prepare for the day. We then motored over to the nearby dive site and were briefed for the dive. Our tasks for this dive were some of the hardest yet. After a heated game of rock paper scissors, with our instructor, Davis, we had to swim a hundred feet along a line and back, and then swim a perfect square. It was our first official search and recovery dive. After a short surface interval with time for a few PB+J sandwiches, we were back in the water. This time, however, we weren’t going under. It was our first practical rescue exercise: how to rescue tired and panicked divers. Rescuing a tired diver is a pretty mundane task, similar to pulling a buoy through the water. Getting a panicked diver back to the boar is a whole other story. We had to calm down and control our dive buddy as they thrashed about, arms flailing wildly. While we tried to save them, they tried to climb on top of us, pushing the rescuer underwater in the process. After that, we worked on rescuing tired divers from the boat. We extended broomsticks, buoys, and threw floatation devices, sometimes hitting our buddy right on the head! We finished the day with chili and rice for dinner. Then we all had a blast together on the trampoline as music blasted and the sun set behind us, once again surrounded by our fellow boats and companions.