Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

After waking up in Savanna Bay, we got an early start and set sails to The Baths. Along the way, there we ate a hardy breakfast of oatmeal, chopped oranges, apples and lemonade. When we were finished eating we hopped on the dinghy and headed over to The Baths. Everyone headed off in small groups exploring the area. Everywhere we looked there was a cool passageway or an amazing view. We jumped off the dive rocks, doing flips and even climbed to some of the highest rock to get pictures with the scenery in the background. After leaving The Baths, we headed over to Spanishtown for lunch. We enjoyed our first on-shore lunch. During this time, we also got yummy gelato from the gelato shop and bought snacks from the grocery store. Our boat has to be the most stacked full of snacks. On the way back to Savannah Bay we all shared Oreos dipped in Nutella, something that’s been trending during our trip so far. We sat on the bow and chatted until the chefs were finished making tonight’s dinner of chili with rice. While we ate, we watched the beautiful sunset hide underneath the islands across the view. Now, were cleaning up and getting ready for sail chat. It’s so cool to see how close we’ve all become already! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s adventures!