Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today began with a little start, as it was our first time awaking off a dock. We ate eggs for breakfast and then quickly departed, under motor, into the waters. Steadily, we grew further away from the shallows and closer to changing to sail. When that moment came after about 30 minutes underway, so did the magical sensation of moving by sail and sail only. I would guess that its sheer mysticism could only be described in the context of sudden liberty from unseen chains. The motor is a blessing in its functional, but a curse in its spirit; the moment it goes off and the sails take over, one realizes just how splendidly isolated he is, something hard to find on land. After sailing we stopped at Cooper Island and went for a quick swim, lunch, and, for some, a nap. After a quick hour, we left for Virgin Gorda, unfurling our jib for the first time. We rotated the helm, as usual and mostly just laid out on the bow, talking and napping. When we got here we were given the choice to wakeboard or just swim around, a few on the boat decided to wakeboard but most of us elected to just swim around the boat. After about an hour in the water, we made to prepare dinner. Today, we decided to add a little spice to dinner. Whereas normally we would just make the meal with what the recipe calls for and be done with it, we decided to make a better salad, factoring in craisins and apples before we made vinaigrette to accompany. Upon its completion, we felt inspired to make some more so Emma baked a cake and some of us students worked on adding some more flavor to the Alfredo pasta. Today was definitely one for the books!