Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was a day to remember. We started the day with a good breakfast with delicious muffins! The Neptunes and Dolphins split up for the first time. It was a blast meeting some of the other Dolphins on different boats. Before lunch, we went for a navigation dive in the Sand Circles and saw a stingray and cleaning shrimp. My favorite part of the day was the hike and the time on the beach. The view from the hike was amazing and didn’t seem real. From the calm tides, and white sandy beaches on the leeward side of the island to the rocky, windy windward side. At the beach, all the Dolphins were laughing the entire time! Around 4, we headed back to our boats for dinner, which was delicious! Sam came over for dinner and the after-dinner squeeze, where the skipper things of a question and the question goes around the group by squeezing each other’s hands. Now the sun is setting, and I can’t wait to wake up to another day in the BVIs. I’m so thankful for this group of strangers that have grown to become as close as family, and it’s only day 4!