Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today started with oatmeal in different flavors for breakfast. Then we packed our day bags for the Baths and Spanishtown. After getting ready for the day we went on the dinghy, Great White, for a super fast and fun ride to The Baths. The Baths are an amazing place and were a blast! The rock formation consists of huge rocks and boulders. There was a mysterious path to the jumping rock. Also, there were secret little caves. After that fun excursion, we got on the sailboats and went to Spanishtown. In Spanishtown, we docked our boats, ate lunch, and shopped. I personally liked the mint chocolate chip ice cream the best! Then, Leona and I went diving off Tropical Oasis and learned some new skills. We then went back to the boat and ate rice and chili for dinner. Then we had a dive chat, and now . . . this blog has come to an end. Can’t wait for tomorrow!!!