Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

At around 6 AM our day was commenced with an abrupt wakeup call because we had to move our boat closer to shore for scuba diving. Right after we finished moving, we were welcomed with the rich smell of French toast for breakfast. We were a little late so everybody had to eat fast because we had to go diving. Once getting our equipment ready for diving, we all jumped into the freezing water off the side of the boat in a vertical position. The advanced scuba students dove 7 feet down to practice neutral buoyancy by using a hula hoop as a “tunnel”. The open water divers had to practice skills such as taking of their mask off underwater and clearing them. Today was a big day for them because they also had to take their test about the RDP and how to use them. Once we all finished and cleaned up our diving equipment we commenced the rotation day where we got to learn about how to craft various knots. Then we got to go waterskiing, wakeboarding or kneeboarding. For the last rotation we were allowed to use the Zests which are very small sailing boats, which are similar to Picos. During that the author of this blog got stung for his second time in a row by a jellyfish. After all of that we went back to Windscaris to study the diving book chapter three. It did not last more than 45 minutes. The rest of the time we got to snorkel around the boat where we spotted a school of fish, a stingray, and a big fish (don’t know the name). At around 5-6 we had to move our boat back towards the place where we were anchored in the morning. We ate cheesy broccoli and biscuits for dinner which was a delicacy. We were allowed to digest our food for approximately 20 minutes where after we all got a surprise dinghy trip to a different boat where a lot of other crews from other boats reunited to talk, there were about 30 people. We first off talked about how to describe who we really are as a community in singular words such as family. We finally got to end the discussion at about 9:30 PM and went back to Windscaris where we set up beds, cleaned up, and brushed our teeth. This day was a successful day in my opinion because we were allowed to chill and communicate we could expand our knowledge about our friends. Right now it is 10:30 PM and I’m tired so I’m going to wrap this up with a good night and I can’t wait for tomorrow. Bye.