Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

After a night of sleeping under the stars, which was thankfully dry, we woke up to a breakfast of yogurt and bagels. Because of the lesson valuable lesson, some shipmates learned about the dangers of the sun; there were ample hats and sunscreen today. We then sailed to our dive sit on Copper Island. Today’s dive was a “fun dive” as opposed to yesterdays, which focused more on skills. Before even 12, we had gone on a long sail and gone diving. After lunch, we went on another sail in order to get to Savannah Bay, which is where we will be spending the night. During the sail, many shipmates yet again marveled about the unparalleled blueness of the water. Once we moored at Savannah Bay, some of the shipmates went waterskiing while others showered. During the day, we listened to country music, although some of us begrudgingly. We are now preparing for the Lifeworks Program; most shipmates are working on their dive manuals in order to earn their certifications in a few weeks. We are all looking forward to another beautiful day in the British Virgin Islands.