Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

From the moment we woke up in the light of the sunrise filling our eyes at 6:15, today has been a great day! We started off the day with a delicious breakfast of blueberry muffins, fruit, and eggs. Once we were all finished eating and cleaning our dishes, together we prepped the boat for our longest sail of the trip. As the skipper for the day I got to man the helm for a while to keep us on track to Savanna Bay. We then heaved to for sandwiches underway during our sail. After a morning of sailing a yummy lunch, all of the energy was sucked out of us from our early morning. We all relaxed on the bow and midships in the afternoon. Once we were energized again we helped set up the jib sail for smooth sailing for the rest of the voyage to Savanna Bay. On the way we all had a dance party with pots and pans while jamming out to early 2000s hits and our favorite throwbacks. We finally made it to our sleeping destination after a six hour sail. Once we arrived, we set up the scuba gear and learned how to properly use it. Then after a long day we washed our hair then jumped in the ocean to get all the soap off. After a quick swim we rinsed with fresh water and got ready for dinner. Tonight we prepared cheesy Alfredo pasta with hot dogs. I can’t wait to eat what we made and get to know my amazing crew mates better. When the sun goes down we will set up our hammocks and cushions on the deck to sleep under the stars. So far our AQ voyage has been incredible, and we are all very excited to start scuba diving tomorrow! Can’t wait for the adventures to come!