Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we had out first real dive at the Blue Chromis Reef off of Cooper Island. The visibility was amazing. We found parrot fish, hermit crabs, and even barracuda, We then had a nice sail over to Savannah Bay, where we anchored alongside the rest of the fleet. After arrival, we spent time jumping off the stern and mid-ship. We even created a new dive called the whale dive, in which you dive with your arms by your side and headfirst into the water. Then came shower time, where everyone laughed and listened to music while they soaped up. Next came a delicious dinner of cheesy pasta Alfredo and hot dog/ham salad. People particularly enjoyed the red pepper flakes and decided that it wasn’t enough to just put them on their pasta, so of course they chose to add it to their drinks as well as the table. Clean up was also fun, even though we had to use our hands to clean up the food instead of washing it off with water. Everyone on boars is already so close on day three, that it’s hard to imagine we will have to leave each other in a little over two weeks. Tonight we have a lifeworks forum on Adonis with all of dive side, followed by bonding while sleeping on the trampoline. Hopefully it doesn’t rain! We are all excited for the AQ barbecue on day seven!